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The Butcher's Wasteland Server is a minecraft server featuring wasteland gameplay.
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 Looking for an Architect?

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PostSubject: Looking for an Architect?   Tue Jul 17, 2012 4:57 am

Also, I am a very good builder and I would love to work on a server like this. In creative mode I can do just about anything. I noticed how straight and boring the main highway was. I could add curves and make it interesting.

I am also good at build large cities, maybe it would contribute to the server (a large city that has been hit with a nuke perhaps?).

examples of my work can be seen at: (this is my current and expanding work)

[Not advertising, just want you to see that I can build, everything in the main spawn is my work, as well as a few of the cities. Ingame name is KingNobunaga (Mexicano_69). If you see me on, tell me who you are and I will show you around]
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Looking for an Architect?
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