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The Butcher's Wasteland Server is a minecraft server featuring wasteland gameplay.
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 Umm... Alive?

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PostSubject: Umm... Alive?   Tue Jul 17, 2012 2:50 am

I have a few questions.

1> Is this server still alive, I was on for a good 3 hours+ today and no one came on, it was just me and my friend.

2> Is it allowed to rebuilt 'destroyed' towns? I completely rebuild an apartment-like structure today in about 1hr Razz (and yes I used my own materials not the materials of other buildings around).

3>Can I get an admin to finish the bottom of the structure? When I try to place blocks there it says I don't have permission for that area and I really don't like the 3 holes in the bottom of my building.



P.S. I really hope this server is still active and running because I really like it Smile
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Umm... Alive?
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